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VARTIOS – Seamless surveillance: 360°, 24/7

VARTIOS is a newly developed, modular and network-based surveillance system. The innovative concept facilitates the efficient surveillance of large areas and hard-to-control premises, even without existing infrastructure. It efficiently protects against theft, vandalism and trespassing. VARTIOS is compact, flexible and customisable.

Vartios das Gerät

360°–SurveillanceNew technology advantages

VARTIOS is equipped with eight highly-sensitive passive infrared or radar sensors, thus enabling the reliable 360° detection of people and vehicles. To monitor large areas, multiple VARTIOS are set up and connect automatically to a wireless network. All incoming data and alarms in the network are immediately forwarded to a central control centre via GSM/GPRS. The browser-based control centre enables the customer to manage and coordinate the networks. Employees who have a VARTIOS mobile app are also directly informed by means of a push notification. Thanks to its extremely energy-saving design, run times of more than 2 weeks are possible. In the event that a VARTIOS fails, the network reorganises itself, thus guaranteeing the secure transmission. All VARTIOS components are designed for infrastructure-free outdoor use and provide the following benefits:

  • 360° sensor field
  • Easy to set up
  • Fewer security personnel required
  • Surveillance of larger areas without any existing infrastructure
  • Centralised control
  • Highly mobile
  • Flexible notification channel via GPRS, SMS, e-mail, etc.
  • Easily extendable
  • Alarm status can be viewed at any time
  • Updateable system
  • Customer specific solutions available



HardwareThe design in detail

Vartios Hardware

Vartios consists of a few quickly interchangeable or expandable modules.


  • The surveillance module holds the motion detection sensors. Depending on the individual on-site requirements this can be passive infrared or radar sensors with different detection ranges.
  • Inside the surveillance module a GPS and acceleration sensor provide information on the position and orientation of the module.
  • The rechargeable battery module sits directly below the surveillance module. Depending on the configuration, it has a run time of up to several weeks and can be exchanged with a full battery module quickly. The weight per unit is only around 1.7 kg.
Vartios Status LEDs Vartios PIR Bewegungssensor Vartios Schutzbügel Vartios PIR Bewegungssensor Vartios PIR Bewegungssensor Vartios PIR Bewegungssensor Vartios PIR Bewegungssensor

SystemFlexible, mobile, stand-alone

The compact sensor module

VARTIOS allows a very flexible set-up and provides reliable surveillance. Multiple devices automatically connect to a network after switching on. Each device offers slots for up to 8 sensors - passive infrared with a range up to 24 m, radar with a range up to 80 m. A regularly sent keep-alive signal, GPS and acceleration sensor protect the devices from being removed from their position.

The browser-based control centre

All information and alarms from the sensor module accumulate in the browser-based control centre. The control centre of the surveillance system not only displays all the data sent by the sensors, but also provides a complete overview of the respective status of the network as well as its individual modules and, of course, control of all functions and parameters. Customers can also implement individual workflows and feedback signals from security staff.

The mobile app control

Using an Android app, staff can configure and operate the system, as well as monitor it while on the go. The features of the app include receiving alarm and status notifications (e.g. for battery charging), activating and disabling networks as well as controlling local device positions.

Revolutionary energy management

The VARTIOS batteries are easy to replace thanks to their quick-change system and are characterised by a uniquely long run time of 1 to 2 weeks. This is achieved by means of high-performance batteries and by technology designed for consistent energy saving. An automatic sleep mode during inactivity and an automatic change to SMS mode when the battery level is low make a significant contribution to this. There is a fast charger for recharging, to reduce unnecessary waiting times and thus down-times in monitoring.

Vartios System

Areas of applicationFrom buildings to large areas

Areas of application for the VARTIOS surveillance system

VARTIOS protects against vandalism, theft, graffiti and trespassing, where no infrastructure is available and staff requirements would be high:

Due to its stand-alone construction and the modular design, the VARTIOS surveillance system is particularly suitable for large and difficult to monitor areas without an existing infrastructure, which can otherwise only be monitored with high staff costs. For example, for railway lines, sidings, motorways, wind power plants, construction sites, uninhabited properties, warehouses and much more.

CompanyAD·HOC – Security through innovation

Ad Hoc was founded with one clear guiding principle in mind: to always use the very latest in wireless sensor networks to meet a variety of challenges. Our first product VARTIOS clearly shows the advantages of applying this principle in all areas of a security system. In line with our philosophy, VARTIOS is, of course, modular and updateable, which means that our customers always have the very latest version.

AD HOC - Sicherheit durch Innovation

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